“Our purpose is to assist you in building a life whereby you will feel contented, focused and inspired to take action and reach your goals towards creative talent,  efficient productivity and personal growth”

“Our vision is to ultimately live in a world where gratitude and acceptance allows us to collectively support each individual’s unique differences recognizing the value that those around us have to offer.  

“Our mission is to help people transform their potential to reality

“Our Values

  • Passion  – our passion for our programs, for creating change for those who attend and for the horses in our care is the very heart of our business.
  • Integrity – we are consistently honest, genuine and open minded. This is something that our clients can depend on…this is the very basis of each and every one of our programs.
  • Respect – We strive to show the utmost respect to those we come into contact with, whilst working with us as well as within the communities that they reside in.
  • We believe in people – Our team has worked with people and horses for over 35 years. Running your own business can be challenging to say the least, however over the years we have been fortunate to have met inspiring people who remind us that anything is possible. While life has its ups and downs, we know that if you believe you can and take action….you can achieve anything.
  • Evolve together – We understand that everyone who works with us is an individual and therefore we are constantly evolving, innovating and listening to our clients to ensure that everything that is experienced in our programs is of optimal quality.

What do we do?

We offer the scientifically proven application of EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) in a safe controlled and fun environment where our team facilitate an objectively driven program.

How we do it?

By interacting with our horses and facilitator and experiencing first hand what our horses are conveying to us, our clients learn to take empowered action and reconnect with their ability to make positive change.

You will learn with any program you attend, but it’s what you remember that is the gold. Because we offer experiential learning, we can be sure that you your day will be unforgettable.


Who do we do it for?

Our team transform potential to reality for corporate clients, businesses,  women’s groups, families and individuals.