Evolve with Equine Information Days

While Evolve with Equines works closely with people, it is the horses (our teachers) who allow us to experience what is needed to enrich our lives through experiential learning.

It is extremely important to us that all of our horses are in good health, both mentally and physically and we want to extend this to enthusiasts and owners far and wide.

We offer full day, interactive classes which include a variety of class time and demonstrations with our horses.

The day often starts with everyone meeting for an organic chai, tea, coffee or chocolate where past friends meet and where new comers are introduced to new friends.

A classroom power point presentation starts the class with numerous discussions, questions and endless information.

Throughout the day we spend time covering what has been learnt by demonstrating the days topic on the horses and ensure that time is taken for  delicious morning and afternoon tea sourced from the Yarra Valley.

We will be holding four classes this year

  1. March 4th – Herbal Medicine – A Botanical Pharmacy for our Horses
  2. June 3rd – Equine Musculature
  3. September 2nd – Introduction to Chinese Medicine for Horses
  4. November 4th – Equine Therapeutic Modalities

Please note that places are limited and seats will be reserved with the return of your registration form and payment. 

If you want to know more or would like to reserve your place, please contact us via the contact page. We will send you a registration form and information.

Evolve with Equines Information Days 2017