Evolving Women

It has often been said that women are strong, sassy, smart, intelligent, compassionate and true leaders.

Women have a tenderness that can offer warmth and empathy with as little as a touch of the hand or a benevolent nod….yet have the strength to be the glue that holds a community together when an enormous loss is felt.

Women can also be clear of disdain with just one look, while having the ability to run a house at the same time as building a career and raising a family.

Women have the strength and tenacity to be their own leaders and the courage and determination to run a country.

So with everything that we know about women, why is it that so many constantly fear judgement, abandonment and the feeling that they will never be enough?

This question is exactly what has led us to design a program specifically for women, formulated by women and presented by women……and our teachers, the horses!

Our women’s program differs from anything that is currently available as it combines experiential learning with our 500kg teachers (the horses) and a facilitator to ensure that each participant is guided through a fun, safe and consolidating experience.

It’s this unique combination that sets our program apart.

Once you experience what the horses are telling you and learn exactly why these actions and thoughts have taken place, you will have an enhanced ability to:

  • create a level of confidence to enable you to accomplish your personal goals
  • develop communication and positive relationship skills
  • engage the patience needed to move forward
  • understand the benefits of taking calculated risks and moving out of your comfort zone
  • have the courage to uncover your own personal leadership skills
  • become responsible and accountable
  • break down barriers to improve understanding and communication where opinions differ
  • encourage and understand others and yourself
  • be resilient and compassionate when you are met with life’s inevitable challenges
  • find the “gold” in our most difficult moments

While we are all individual and have our own personal goals in life, our aim is to transform potential to reality and ensure that this is done with our full support and an enormous amount of laughter on the day!

Join our Evolving Women Day

Saturday the 19th of August


Wednesday the 20th September

9am arrival for 9.30am start

Delicious Yarra Valley Lunch, snacks and refreshments provided for the day

4.30 finish

Please click on calendar of events for all details and to book your tickets