Why Horses?

  • There are a number of reasons why we use horses.

1. Horses have been researched and studied for a number of years and therefore EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) has been tried, tested and proven to have great results. Knowing that Equine Assisted Learning is not a new concept, gives us the advantage of knowing that our program will offer every participant guaranteed results.

2. Horses are a flight animal and a prey animal. This means that their senses and their instincts are highly astute which allows them to react at a moment’s notice. Horses need no warning…they are ready to go!

Horses have the ability to feel a stimulus due to their incredibly high sensitivity. Humans are well known to put on a confident facade, however if you are feeling nervous or unsure on the inside the horse will be very quick to react. Horses have the ability to read exactly how you are feeling on the inside rather than what you are showing on the outside.

3. Horses can hear our heartbeat. This means that at times when your heart rate is elevated, such as when you are nervous or excited, your horse will react.

When you are feeling relaxed and your heart is at a normal rate, your horse will also feel relaxed.

4. Horses have been domesticated and placed into a world where we can work with them and also experience their instinctive behaviour.

5. Horses have the need to be a part of a herd, just as people have a need to be a part of a team. Horses are always looking for a leader just as human teams have leaders. When we are with horses and we are not working as leaders, the horse will automatically become the leader. It is this aspect of working with the horses that offers us experiences that can be applied to every aspect of our lives.

When you have a horse as a teacher and a facilitator, the outcome is always guaranteed.

  • How many participants per group?
  • We offer groups from as small as 4 to as large as 8. No need to worry, a larger group doesn’t mean that you will be receiving less attention than if you joined with a small group. All of our courses mean that we have the ability to offer each participant lots of attention, and then of course you will have the attention of your teachers, the horses.

If I have never like horses and I’m scared, is this appropriate for me?

If you are uncomfortable being around horses this is the perfect opportunity for you. When you are taken out of your comfort zone, this increases your ability to learn.

When you are placed in this position, the challenges bring enormous success and long lasting memories that you can use to draw a parallel on your own life.

Safety is our number one priority, so we go over all safety aspects with you prior to working with the horses and we are right there with you throughout the program.

  • Do I ride the horses?
  • Our classes all take place on the ground alongside your team mate and teacher, the horse. By working on the ground we are able to easily read the horses body language and see exactly what the horse is telling us.
  • Are you qualified?

Sue Martin has gained her qualification as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator through Equine Connection – who offers the only certified Building Block Program in the world.

Sue has also been working in the horse industry for over 15 years as an Equine Naturopath, Oriental Medicine and Acupuncture practitioner, lecturer and founder of Natural Equine & Canine Health herbal formulations.

  • Are you insured?
  • Yes we have all insurance covered.


  • What makes your program different?

Our program uses horses to teach the classes. The horses work with the participants as both their teacher and their team mate. Because the horses instinctively look for a leader, if the student doesn’t take on this role the horse will start to lead….this is just one example of when our facilitator will step in to draw attention to these memorable moments. Experiencing learning in the moment allows us to record these moments and parallel them to our lives. This is completely different to classroom learning.

  • What if I am allergic to horses?

If you are sure that you are allergic to horses or suffer from allergies, check with your medical professional and take your allergy medication just prior to arrival. Sue is also allergic to horses so this is an area that we completely understand.

  • I have never been around horses, do I need experience?

At the beginning of each course we outline all of our safety procedures and cater to each individual’s level. As well as providing you long lasting learning to use in every situation, our courses are lots of fun, so we ensure that each and everyone’s comfort level is taken into consideration whether it be no experience or some experience.

  • What do I wear?

There is no need to go out and purchase any special clothing for our programs. When you book your course, we will forward you details about what you need to wear. Basically, you dress in safe appropriate clothing that will clearly outline before you arrive. For example – no stiletto shoes or long flowing clothing that may get caught up.