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Definition of Mabuhay

Mabuhay is a Filipino greeting which is often expressed as Ma-bu-hay!

The meanings of this greeting include “welcome”, “may you live”, “long live”, “live great”, “be alive” and “grow”. We think that it was the perfect name for a property that will be giving so much to those visit.

Mabuhay is the name given to the property where Evolve with Equine Programs take place.

Located in the magnificent rolling hills in the Yarra Valley, the property is set on 98 acres combining endless pastures, native bush, dams and an abundance of wildlife.

Located just 48km east of Melbourne, visitors can enjoy a scenic drive through the pristine Yarra Valley as they make their way to the property.

A perfect place to indulge in a learning experience that we can guarantee to be unforgettable. We believe that Mabuhay is the ideal location for our programs.

Best of all, when you visit Mabuhay, you will be treated with the gourmet delights that the Yarra Valley is famous for.