Meet the Team

Sue Martin

Sue is an Equine Assisted Learning facilitator,  Equine and Small Animal Naturopath and also the founder of Natural Equine and Canine Health, Herbal Medicine for animals that has been dedicated to healing animals naturally for over 14 years to date.

In addition to Naturopathy, Sue has extended her qualifications to include Equine and Small Animal Oriental Medicine, Shiatsu and Acupuncture, Bowen Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Equine Iridology.

Researching a number of areas in regards to Natural Therapies for animals has allowed for an extensive understanding of both Equine and Canine Health and a combination of science and natural healing. Sue also enjoys working in conjunction with Vets and other practitioners to ensure that each individual receives a holistic treatment that is best suited.

Constantly inspired by natural medicine for animals, experiential learning and the link between mental and physical health, Sue shares her knowledge as a lecturer and is extremely passionate in regards to public speaking and presentations covering a number of subjects for both animals and humans alike.

This provides Sue with the perfect opportunity to convey the sheer satisfaction and unwavering passion that she has experienced working in this field.

Sue and her husband live in the beautiful Yarra Valley, Victoria on their property “Mabuhay”.

Her interests include caring for their cheeky pooch Bonnie,  cat Minnie, chooks Ursula and Ingrid and rooster Vladamir and their six horses.

As someone who loves to share a meal with others, Sue maintains a vegetable patch and herbs in the garden and relishes in the opportunity to cook for family and friends and loves welcoming the ladies who attend the Evolving Women program a seat at her table where they share lunch.

An extremely proud mother of a son and daughter who are now young adults, Sue pursued her passion when her children were very young and hopes to extend her gratification in knowing that “anything is possible ” to others who lead a busy life and dream of a content, satisfying and magnificent life……while building resilience to get through the inevitable bumps in the road that appear along the way.


The Teachers


You could say that Rex is our senior teacher at Evolve with Equines. Rex is a Stockhorse who used to compete in Campdrafting. While he was an incredible competitor, he was retired many years ago as his age caught up with him. Over the past years he has been a wonderful teacher to horses that visit Mabuhay. He is a very kind horse and is excellent when it comes to teaching other horses their boundaries with not much more than a look.

Needless to say he is sweet and very gentle and is therefore the perfect teacher to his human team mates.


Arnie has lived a wonderful life with us since the age of two. He is a stockhorse who has spent many years competing in Campdrafting and has also been compassionate with our children as they learnt how to handle horses in their younger years. He is highly sensitive and recently retired from competition, however he often waits at the gate when he knows an EAL session is planned for the day. A very special horse….we can understand why so many students want to take him home.


Another one of our senior horses, Boomey arrived at Mabuhay and has been a gift to us that we have been able to share with others. Living a life of luxury, Boomey has enjoyed a family life of love and riding followed by sheer affection. Like Rex, Boomey is an experienced horse who is very gentle, while clear with his signs of what he is thinking. He loves attention and is an expert when it comes to connecting with his humans.


There is no denying that this is our cheeky youngster! PJ loves to play games and is quick to let you know if he is missing out on attention. Beware….he is one pony that you won’t forget in a hurry. He will be sure to let you know that he is a valuable team member and will prove this by smooching with everyone in his team.


Right here is our handsome teenager. He is extremely affectionate and is always the first horse out to join the team. Denver is a horse who could be classed as everyone’s best friend. A Quarterhorse who has had a very relaxed life so far, he is quiet and gentle and loves everyone he makes contact with.