Bringing back communication, team building and a collaboration of skills to the work place.

The ability to convey passion and to clearly communicate a vision to reach the desired outcome, results in a team that is driven and inspired to create success time and time again.

Evolve with Equines incorporates leadership, team building and communication.

This combination allows individuals to become initiators with the ability to communicate and excel through skills that they will experience with our program.

Our exceptional programs are unique to others in that they blend the use of horses as teachers (which has been extensively researched) along with our facilitator who will guide your team through unforgettable moments via experiential learning.

Because we use horses as teachers, your team will experience immediate, honest and non judgmental feedback. Our horses are not concerned about workplace politics or whether they are working with the CEO or the new junior. Their reaction will always be to the individual person rather than to the person’s position in the workplace.

Tailor made and adjusted for each individual group, our programs have been created to allow individuals to progress existing skills in the areas of:

  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Resilience
  • Self confidence
  • Responsibility and accountability

Resulting in

  • Strengthened working relationships
  • Being innovative and inspiring others others to step forward when change is needed
  • Clarity and confidence when making decisions
  • Integrity, respect and an ethos that conveys satisfaction and pride to both co workers and associates.